The Top 10 US Colleges for an Accounting Degree in 2019

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The top 10 colleges for an accounting degree

Accounting is a huge field, and more than approximately 1.4 million accountants as well as auditors are employed currently in U.S. Company while few accountants manage the books for private, semi-private and governmental organizations. Some others help the clients on a personal basis, mainly during January-April tax-filing period. Here you will get list of top 10 colleges for accounting.

Students are expected to complete their bachelor’s degree in accounting, or else a degree in finance or business with major in accounting. They should also meet the CPA requirements of their state that would help them enter the accountant job position in the best companies directly. With free homework help chat, the students can decide to select the best accountant colleges in the US to acquire further studies!

These are the top 10 colleges for an accounting in 2017

Liberty University

 Situated in Lynchburg, Virginia, the well-known Liberty University offers online accounting degree for 4 years, full-time or part-time. Application deadline is rolling. They must require a minimum GPA of 2.0, present transcripts and finish application forms that will be further considered. Bachelors’ of science degree with 120-credit (15-credit/semester) in accounting will help the students for building careers in public, private or non-profit sectors. They can even pursue Masters Degree in business administration after wrapping graduation.

Indiana Wesleyan University

 Applicants can complete their bachelor’s of science in accounting via online or at this University’s Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky campuses. Program pre-requisites cover completing IWU courses ACC 201 and ACC 202 successfully or transfer in the corresponding with ‘C’ grade or higher. Program length is 18-20 months, and credit requirement is 120-credit hours, with rolling application deadline. IWU affords online starting dates, every few weeks, all through the year. Even the distance learns can anytime start their studies with the schedule that fits them right.

Thomas Edison State University

 Situated in Trenton, New Jersey, this University offers bachelor’s of science in business administration, major in accounting to the adult students who aim to be professionals in an accounting career. Known to be one of the excellent online accounting degrees in the United States, TESU makes the students ready for MBA and CPA certification. The format style is online with 120 credit requirements. Program start date and the application deadline is rolling.

Old Dominion University

 Old Dominion University presents its students’ bachelors of science in business administration- accounting with 120-credit requirements, in synchronous and asynchronous formats. These formats afford a good flexibility to distance learners. It is an online format and program start dates cover fall, spring, and summer. Application deadline for transfer students is 1st August for fall, 1st October for spring, and 15th March for summer. Students studying this program can pursue a higher career in financial planning, international accounting, auditing, certified public accounting, etc.

Western Governors University

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, this university provides online accounting degree ‘bachelors of science in accounting’ with asynchronous instruction style. This program sets the students to practice entry-level career, master’s degree in accounting, and CPA examinations. It is a full-time program with 121 competency units (12 CUs/term) that are WGU’s credit versions. The starting date of this program is the beginning of each month and rolling application deadline. Program length is 2-5 years.

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

 Umass Amherst is considered as a superb online college for accounting. The students need to complete a bachelor of business administration in accounting that has 120-credit requirements. Program starting date is fall or spring. These students with algebra homework help are prepared for various accounting practices and can have a career as an accountant, treasurer, controller, auditor, and much more. Application deadline is 15th April and 1st October for spring.

University of Memphis

 Students can do their bachelors in accounting online or at Memphis campus. They should earn 120 credits and continue a minimum C grade all through this program so as to graduate and the program involves 41 credits of general education, 42 credits in business classes, 30 credits in accounting major, and also 7 credits of electives.  Courses added here cover organizational management, marketing, fundamentals of accounting and marketing. Before going for this program, the students have gained a minimum of 45-credit hours and also finished prerequisite courses with C grade or B or A grade. The program offers full time and part time.

Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

 Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Keiser University provided bachelors of arts in accounting for its students on campus and online too. This program focuses on accounting practices, industry standard software, and business skills, and trains the students for a great career in accounting. Prerequisites for this program include macro economics, microeconomics, and statistics. Credit requirements are 120 and program starting date is monthly. With part-time and full-time program options, the curriculum guides the students how to expand the research work and communication skills are essential to publish in the accounting industry also how they can further blend business principles to real accounting circumstances.

Regis University

 One of the best institutions in the United States, Regis University offers the applicants bachelors’ of science in accounting. With Algebra homework help, the students can execute full-time or part-time course that needs 120 to 128 credits (covering 45 credits of core needs, 33 credits of foundational courses, 26 credits of elective classes, and 24 credits of major courses). This program too highlights on modern technology and practices which specialized accountants utilize daily. Program starting dates include fall, spring, and summer semester.

Touro University Worldwide

 This University provides online program ‘bachelors of science in business administration’ designed online to complete 120-credit including 45 credits of education classes, 39 credits of vital business needs, 24 credits of electives, and 12 attentive credits. Program length is 3 to 7 years with part-time and full-time options. The students can select to do specialization with any one focus- accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship, project management, marketing, or security EDM. The program length extends to 3 to 7 years. Students picking full-time finish this program in four years, whereas part-time students complete it in seven years. Well, now you can select one of the best accountant colleges in the United States of your choice and become the expert accountant!

These are the lists of top 10 colleges for accounting. Hope! This will help you.








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