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Tips To Become Adept At Solving Physics Problems

December 4th, 2015 Admin Assignment help
Tips To Become Adept At Solving Physics Problems

Physics problems are troublesome for most students and poor performance in the subject is the key reason for poor GPAs. Tackling physics problems and learning a few tricks and tips to solve them with ease thus is a good idea for students struggling with their physics grades. Here are a few top tips recommended by esteemed online physics tutors to help students become better at problem solving in physics; read on to learn more.

#Tip 1: Relax and approach the physics problem calmly

This may sound cliched but it actually helps you focus better on the problem at hand. It is a proven fact that when you fret about something, your mind is disorganized and you are more likely to miss important details. Calming yourself and approaching the problem without fear will help you see the problem in its entirety and gather all the relevant info required for solving it; it is after all very much there in the problem statement!

# Tip 2: Try to come up with a diagram and write down the info gleaned neatly

Coming up with a diagram based on the given info and labeling it neatly with details will help in problem solving. In fact, even when you are working on your homework, do this and it will turn out to be the best physics homework help there is for you! Read the problem statement more than once and write down all the information that can be obtained from it. Taking time out to do these things will help you solve quickly as opposed to jumping into solving it by just reading the problem once.

#Tip 3: Write down the formula applicable even if you are know it inside out

Even in cases where you know the formula thoroughly, writing it down will help you solve the problem better as this helps you avoid careless mistakes. Pick the right formula to be used, substitute the unknowns and known variables and solve with the utmost care. Also, remember that when you solve the equation, whatever you are arriving at may not be the answer to the problem and you may have to work further to derive at the answer.

#Tip 4: Review your answer quickly before moving on to the next problem

This will help you in avoiding careless mistakes. A review is any day better and can help you be more confident and sure before you proceed to the next problem.

# Tip 5: Try to plan your time in each section before you begin answering the paper

When in exams, it is important to go through the paper quickly, plan your time and then work on every section. Sticking to your original plan will help you with time management and also give you the confidence that you can answer every question in the paper.


Dealing with physics problems requires a structured approach. Taking time to read through the problem, coming up with diagrams and practise is essential to score top marks in this tough subject. Working in homework problems, being attentive in classes and getting physics assignment help and homework help when necessary are recommended to conquer physics fears and score top grades.

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