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Tips Making First Good Impression for Students and Tutors

May 17th, 2013 Admin Best Online Tutoring
Tips Making First Good Impression for Students and Tutors

When the environment of education moves from traditional tutoring to online tutoring, lots of new tactics must be adopted to fulfill the gaps of face-to-face learning. Tutors and students both should make equal efforts to sincerely target the purpose of taking tutoring online and perform academically in a better way.

Give extra efforts to check grammar and spelling while communicating with tutor in initial e-mails. Proper grammar and spellings can go long way towards making good impression.

Give extra minutes to personalize their e-mails. The tutors and students both should give personal touch to the correspondence. Take special care about style, format and language that you use in your correspondence may it tutoring or email communication.

Provide contact details in total like email account, your instant messenger name and your phone number if they wish to call you. Being able to contact each other personally is first step towards developing positive relations.

Ensure while using non-verbal indications that your tutor on you for building successful relationships like that of traditional classroom. Consciously make use of emotions, abbreviations and other communication techniques.

Include specific information regarding what should happen next by illustrating their organization and planning. They can develop positive relationship with their online peers.

The skills and strategies to make first good impression for online tutor and student for learning success are the combination of adapting habits from traditional classroom along with adapting some new talents.

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