Tips For Middle & High School Preparation

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tutorpace-blogMiddle school or High school involves a period of transition for the teens. Here are a few tips for preparing for back to middle or high school

  • Stay positive.
  • Get organized with the accessories needed.
  • Have good food to pump in energy and vitality to face the new environment

For the Middle School

  • Make familiar with the locker system and take care of the keys- you get two lockers from now on
  • The parents can accompany their children to find their way in the school on the first day
  • It is good to review the student handbook to fall in line with the new set up
  • Be prepared to adapt yourselves to six classes a day , more homework and different teachers
  • Have a revision of Math and Science to get used to the new course ware without trouble. This is especially useful while doing Math Level 1 or Math Level 2.

Act Test Dates: For High School

  • Take care of the ACT Test Dates at the outset of high school to get enough time for ACT prep
  • Map out your workload and plan accordingly
  • Make new friends, don’t give up the old and manage peer pressure
  • Join sports teams and decide about it at an early stage
  • Discuss with your friends how to study for The ACT

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