The most recent Trend Connected with Extra Education – On the internet Tutoring

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tutorpace-blogRecent modern technology has inclined the way education is delivered to the students of today. From kindergarten all the way up to university level courses, the new pedagogy is developed to facilitate students to take learning in very easier and sophisticated way.

Here is the most recent trend of taking extra education on internet tutoring:

Distant Learning Education

Distant Learning Education has made it possible for people to extend their boundaries with an access to best of the educational resources right from the comfort of their home. Universities offering distance learning courses, paid degree programs, online classes, free non-credit online courses are new medium to take extra education.

BYOD and Flipped Classroom

Bring your own device (BYOD) and flipped classroom really works with an interest to access technology outside the school classroom. The current economic slowdown has given push to this concept by saving of time and efforts.

Apps World

Last year lot of schools and colleges adopted iPads and tablets facilitating students to take education on-the-go. The IT industry also beckoned such electronic gadgets to make life easy for students with app-based solutions.


MOOC, acronym of Massively Open Online Course is gaining its popularity with non-credit online courses. Lots of secondary students take advantages of MOOC’s. Even online tutors free use the content and adopt their lectures of professional colleagues to flip their classrooms. The courses are free taken on computer and internet. MOOC has reached nearly 200 countries in 44 languages across 4500 testing centers across the world.

Multimedia Impact

Educational software is trying to make learning simpler and fun filed which can be taken of its own right at home. The games are designed in a way to help students retain their knowledge and apply things that have learned in the real world. Tutors are trying to meld educational goals with multimedia games, videos, puzzles and quizzes which showed unpredictable success. Math and Science online tutoring leverage maximum from gamification.


Social media has made its way in the sectors like entertainment, sports, industries and even education. Both tutors and students are continuing to take benefit from social media inside and outside classroom by creating YouTube videos, SMS marketing, classroom focused blogs and Facebook pages. Lot of English tutoring and communication programs are found available on YouTube.

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