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Take Advantage of Online ACT Preparation – Read These 7 Tips

September 10th, 2013 Admin ACT Questions
Take Advantage of Online ACT Preparation – Read These 7 Tips

ACT scores determine your college admission and thus hold an important role in future studies. Online prep for ACT is highly advantageous. You can follow these tips to take advantage of Online ACT Preparation.

1. Get a video course online for ACT, which  should be self paced to suit your learning style

2. Get study guides that could accompany this video to give you more knowledge in the subjects

3. Attend online practice tests periodically to improve your scores and compare them at intervals

4. Try your reasoning ability to the core while prepping for the Science test in ACT and make sure that the tutors provide you with ample Science help to do the three different types of questions in Science like conflicting view points, research summaries and data representations.

5. Find proper ACT Reading help to do the multiple choice questions in Reading comprehension with ease.

6. Ensure that the tutors give clues and shortcuts to do Reading questions-like browsing the questions first to guess the essence of the passage, finding out clues in the questions to chuck out the wrong ones etc

7. Check up whether the ACT tutors are able to quicken up your process of doing word problems without hesitation in ACT Math exam.

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