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Pros and Cons of Public Universities and Private Universities.

November 14th, 2018 Sunil Kumar Education


Public universities are institutions which are fully funded by the government or state on tuition fees. Such universities are rigorous because they adhere to specific regulations set by the government. Coursework is mostly standardized and set by a specific board that comes up with the course content that each year in campus cover. here are the Pros and Cons of Public Universities and Private Universities.

1. The tuition fee is affordable
The state fully funds most of the projects undertaken by the university. Parents are not required to chip in their pockets to pay for these projects, and this makes them cheap education systems.
2. Relaxing atmosphere
Government campuses have large student intakes. It allows people from different ethnicity, backgrounds, race, and culture to come together and exchange different ideas on life. During this moments there are co-curricular activities that help in team building

How integration technology has been significantly beneficial to the education system.

November 14th, 2018 Sunil Kumar Education

Development of technology is evolving in the years to come, and technology profoundly influences the future of the educational system. Some experts are against this trend of implementation such as EdTech and apps that are being used in school, mainly because they think technology is a source of distraction for students rather than expanding their minds. However, teaching strategies based on technology can be ethical practices that facilitate students learning and expand their capacity, performance and productivity. Technology integration in education system inspires a different and more straightforward approach to teaching methods.
In this review, I have listed some significant benefits of how the integration of technology into the education system is essential.
1.    Technology makes teaching and learning easy
With the help of specific tools like websites, apps, e-books, and virtual tutoring students can learn on their own and still understand

Where Can I Go To Get Online Tutoring

January 28th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Homework Help | online homework help
Where Can I Go To Get Online Tutoring

There has been a noteworthy change in the dimensions of education with the increase in the Internet usage in every sphere of life. Online Tutoring not only provided parents a reliable platform for their child’s education but offered a good deal of flexibility to the students as well.
It is however imperative to choose the best online tutoring website. The use of advanced interactive tools, benefit of in-person attention and availability of flexible timings makes it easier for students to learn and communicate in a better way. However, to enjoy the maximum facility it is essential to make the right choice.  There are many online tutoring companies in the market. Finding the right company may be a little difficult task, however, here are some tips to help you make the best choice of an online tutoring company.
Go for a

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