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Tips For Successful Online Learning

April 27th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
Tips For Successful Online Learning

This blog is worth reading for students taking online tutoring. These are practical tips to make online learning successful.
Develop time management strategy:
Self discipline is the major challenge for students taking online courses. A key difference in online and in-person tutoring is the independence and flexibility taking online class to the students at convenient time. Be self-disciplined in maintaining your schedule and avoid any distraction to disrupt your plan.
Knowledge Retention:
One of the challenges which online learners face is retention of course content. The students need to develop appropriate strategy to retain course content. The students can retain essential concepts by taking handwritten notes. Often students develop a practice to put knowledge to work through collaboration with other students.  Some students rewrite concepts into their own words to retain it for long time.
Preparing useful Questions:
Preparing and asking questions forms the integral

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