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General Tips to Help Your Child With Homework

October 1st, 2013 Sunil Kumar Education
General Tips to Help Your Child With Homework

No matter how much time you spend personally with your child doing homework, it matters a lot if you could give them encouraging environment that motivates them to spend more time in study room doing their work.
Give good study space
Identify your child habits to do their work in better way and give comfortable study space. Slowly and gradually as they grow, form a habit of doing their work in study room.
Help your child to be focused
Give your child quite place to do their homework. Put off your cell phones and TV set when your child is studying nearby.
Keep school supplies close at hand
Keep basic school supplies (pen, pencil, eraser, sharper, etc.) close at your child’s hand so that they can access it on their own.
Set regular time for homework
Set a fix time for your child to do their homework.

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