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Everything You Need To Know About Sea Lions

December 20th, 2016 Sunil Kumar Online Tutor
Everything You Need To Know About Sea Lions

Sea lions belong to the family of seals and are classified under a family of wing footed creatures called the pinnipeds. In fact, sea lions fall under the eared seals category in the family which are different from true seals.
What is the difference between true seals and eared seals?
The eared variety of seals has front flippers that are large and these are used by these animals to move through water at 25 mph speeds. They also have external ears and have a body structure that enables them to move in dense marine environments.
The coolest thing about sea lions is that they have rotating hip bones! And this helps them walk on land!
Where do sea lions live?
They are found all over the world except the North Atlantic Ocean. Some species prefer warmer conditions and live close to California while others

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