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How to Improve Your SAT Vocabulary

April 13th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
How to Improve Your SAT Vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the sections in SAT test; however emphasis on vocabulary is reduced to some extent in the SAT test. However, following the given tips to improve your SAT vocabulary:
Read to learn Vocabulary
Reading is the best way to improve your SAT vocabulary skills. Read SAT-level publication or novel and follow the given steps:

When you come across any word that you do not know then take a pause
Write down a word, check out and write down word’s definition
Take a note about how this new word was used in the book where you found it
Keep on reading, and follow steps 1-4 whenever you find new words

Speak to improve word power
Like reading, speaking English is major part of improving vocabulary. Often words, do not pop up while writing or speaking English. We need to give conscious efforts otherwise it

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