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SAT Preparation: Three Key Elements For SAT Preparation

October 21st, 2013 Sunil Kumar SAT
SAT Preparation: Three Key Elements For SAT Preparation

Here is the quick look at three key elements that generally college student should think about while preparing for SAT test.
Become familiar with SAT test format
It is very important step while you prepare for any test. You need to know the format of SAT test as it will give you direction for the preparation. Typically, SAT comprises of three sections-Math, Critical reading and writing. Each section has multiple choice questions with one essay question and required to be scored individually on a scale of 200 and 800. The test score is based on correctness of answers. Remember, it has negative marking.
Access to variety of study resources
The students aiming for SAT preparation requires to find out access to variety of resources right during their high school years. Find out access to free materials, SAT practice papers, question banks, online

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