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SAT Tutor is Your Best Bet for High Score

December 20th, 2013 Sunil Kumar SAT
SAT Tutor is Your Best Bet for High Score

Struggling with SAT prep? Tutor pace can help you. Our SAT tutor guides you through every step of your SAT prep.
SAT tutor: Do you really need a SAT tutor? This will help you decide!
SAT prep takes time and honest efforts from your end. Right things done on right time can give you great results. Still, you get lost, why? The reason is that you simply don’t know the right way to prepare. Tutor Pace’s SAT tutor is a great help in that case.
 Schedule: With our SAT tutor, you will follow a proper schedule for your preparation. With math, critical reading, and writing being the main sections, it is important for you to devote time to each one of these separately. The tutor will help you manage time among all the sections effectively.
 Focus: Our

Prepare for SAT Test Online in 3 Easy Steps

September 13th, 2013 Sunil Kumar K -12 Education
Prepare for SAT Test Online in 3 Easy Steps

It is easy to take a SAT test but students often find it difficult to do SAT preparation online. There are various reasons to this such as unawareness about online tutoring facility and time required for other activities.
Let us note the following 3 easy steps to prepare for SAT test / other competitive exams such as ACT test:
Identify your objective to go to college -
First things first, why do you want to go to college? The reasons are many; well pick those that matter to you the most. Then try and relate these reasons to your perception about the SAT test and you will see that your mind expands to maintain a positive balance between ‘what is required’? And ‘what is done?’
Identify your training essentials - 
You need training to appear for SAT test, hence focus on your training

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