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Communication Technologies: Promoting Active Online Learners

March 13th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
Communication Technologies: Promoting Active Online Learners

The impact of communication technology in education reforms is one of the major trends all over the world. Integration of technology to communicate better while teaching and learning is widely perceived as a great contribution in the education reforms. It has contributed as a major achievement promoting online learners.
Online learning delivers knowledge to students in blended media using paper, e-books, USB sticks, DVD etc. The online tutor interact with student synchronously via video conferencing and a synchronously via email, efficient mentor. They help students to work aptly using an appropriate mix/blended technologies and media including social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The tutor use online and offline chat via several tools like Skype, etc.
Mobile tutoring is another communication technology that has motivated online learners in huge. The student can exploit potential of mobile learning or M-learning. The tutoring

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