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6 Creative Ways to Prep & Improve Your ACT Math Score

August 20th, 2013 Sunil Kumar ACT Questions
6 Creative Ways to Prep & Improve Your ACT Math Score

Act decides your college entry and high level decisions about your college studies. Have a strong foothold with good prep strategies to improve your act math scores.
Review Your Math Skills:
 Spend a good deal of time for your ACT Mathematics review in the start of your prep, not to overlook your weak spots in the learning aspects of math. Don’t forget the basics of math; act question Answer setters are interested in trapping you that way. Prepare with free online study guides to know ways to boost your score
Analyze the question pattern of act math:
 Not all the questions are done equally. You come across easy, medium and difficult in the ascending order. So, practice to do easy ones within one minute and go on with the medium ones in a minute and skip the difficult ones

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