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Share Candies and Learn Additions, Subtractions

December 12th, 2012 Admin Homework Help | online homework help
Share Candies and Learn Additions, Subtractions

Worried about Math lessons? Before you start learning just think about stuff you already know. Shapes play an important role. You are well aware of circles and squares, but there are also triangles, pentagons, and many more.

You can learn shapes easily from the things around. You will discover that these are not new to you. You play with a ball that’s round. Ruby cube, a candy box, a pipe are common items, you play with. They all have their specific shape. Try to identify the shape of your favorite chocolates. You do not need to learn shapes from books, rather learn shapes while you play.

After the shapes come the numbers. Math is based on ten symbols that represent number values. If you can recognize these ten numbers properly, you won’t face trouble.

Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction are the foundation of most of the Mathematical concepts. Understanding these two concepts well is very important for your life. Addition is the mathematical concept accumulating things together to form a bigger quantity. Subtraction is just the reverse. Subtracting one thing from another implies taking some things away from a collection. Whether you go to shop to buy something, say a gift for your friend you need to have a clear understanding of the concepts.

When your parents give you chocolates, count how many you have in total. Distribute among friends and cousins and check how many are left with you. 

Say your father gives you 4 candies and mom gives you 6 candies; so now you have 4+6=10 candies. You gift 3 to your best friend, so now you are left with 10-3=7 candies.

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