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SAT/ACT Students: Tips For Getting Higher Scores on Math

January 16th, 2013 Admin Homework Help | online homework help
SAT/ACT Students: Tips For Getting Higher Scores on Math

If you’re looking for ways to get high score on SAT Math, you may depend on a reputed online tutoring websites offering helpful sessions and few useful tips. The sites offer online experts to resolve your every uncertainty 24/7 at the most affordable rate.

Tips for SAT/ACT students to get high score on Math:

Tip #1- Middle School Math

Getting stressed about what you are learning in your high school math class? DON’T PANIC! The trickiest aspect of the math sections is navigating from beginning to end of the questions.

Tip #2- Picking Numbers

Picking numbers are a very effective technique for any problem. The easiest way to get rid of difficulty is with the picking numbers problem solving approach.

Tip #3- Working Backwards

The working backwards problem solving strategy too is very useful and effective. The power of the graphing calculator makes apparently hard questions easy.

Tip #4- Drawing Pictures

Geometry problems are perfect examples of thoughts on paper.

Tip #5- Use Calculators

Use calculator to avoid silly mistakes. With the time pressure, it is imperative to use all of your tools to maximize your score. Avoid mental Math.

Tip #6- Over-Analyzing and Under-Analyzing

Do not spend much time on a question in the beginning section, go back to it later.

Tip #7- Break it Down

Keep away from being overwhelmed by purposefully breaking down questions into small pieces.

To meet the tough competition getting high score in SAT/ACT Math has become very important these days.

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