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tutorpace-blogStruggling with SAT prep? Tutor pace can help you. Our SAT tutor guides you through every step of your SAT prep.

SAT tutor: Do you really need a SAT tutor? This will help you decide!

SAT prep takes time and honest efforts from your end. Right things done on right time can give you great results. Still, you get lost, why? The reason is that you simply don’t know the right way to prepare. Tutor Pace’s SAT tutor is a great help in that case.

 Schedule: With our SAT tutor, you will follow a proper schedule for your preparation. With math, critical reading, and writing being the main sections, it is important for you to devote time to each one of these separately. The tutor will help you manage time among all the sections effectively.

 Focus: Our SAT tutor directs your focus toward your studies. SAT test requires constant preparation from your end for a long time. Thus, it is important to focus on the study material and get maximum output out of it. The tutor will help you minimize distractions and thus, help you stay on track.

 Knowledge: Besides being highly qualified, our SAT tutor is specialized in SAT, knowing exam format, structure, and type of questions. It’ll be easy for you to get effective preparation with good exam strategies.

 Comfort: Our SAT tutor can make a huge difference in your feeling and viewpoint toward the exam. You can manage a task only if the same doesn’t haunt you in any way. Despite being time consuming, your SAT prep should be managed happily by you.

 Self belief: To prepare for a standardized test like SAT, you need confidence and self belief. Our SAT tutor will help you in being confident throughout your preparation.

 Output: Your months of preparation can get wasted, if you don’t perform well on the exam day. Our SAT tutor will help you with novel techniques and easy strategies that you can apply in your main exam.

SAT Prep: How to get a fabulous SAT prep on a tight budget?

What is an ideal SAT prep like? The answer is Tutor Pace’s SAT prep. We’ve got you covered completely!

Learn on one-to-one basis with our SAT experts in our SAT prep program. Our tutors are highly skilled with huge SAT teaching experience. Get in touch with the best SAT tutors from around the world in our one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Connect with our SAT tutors in morning, night, or anytime you want. Our SAT experts are online 24/7. Whether on-the-go or from your home, learn comfortably anytime from any place.

Practice using high quality SAT prep packages designed by true experts. Take mock tests and monitor your performance on daily basis. Revise concepts with the help of various worksheets.

Ask doubts and solve queries in separate doubts taking sessions. Receive step by step solutions to your specific SAT questions.
Utilize fully interactive tools, such as whiteboard and live chat. Solve your questions in real time using whiteboard. Chat with our tutors using live chat.

Receive top quality subjects modules directly by our SAT experts. Revise concepts and learn better by using the simple and clearly written lessons and topics. Save these modules as quick revision guides for your last minute SAT prep.

Cover every major section of your SAT exam by learning at your pace. The major sections include mathematics, critical reading, and writing. Learn the most important topics from SAT exam point and improve your chances of getting high score.

Tutor Pace offers different SAT prep plans under your budget:

 Advanced Plan: Enroll to get discount on the monthly subscription costing $ 199.99. You get 25 sessions of 40 minutes each in this plan.

 Introductory Plan: Get discount on the monthly subscription of this plan costing $ 49.99. You receive 5 sessions of 40 minutes.

 Recap Plan: Receive discount by subscribing to this plan costing $ 99.99. Here, you get 15 sessions of 40 minutes each.

 Best Value Plan: Enroll to get discount on the monthly subscription pricing $ 149.99. You receive 20 sessions of 40 minutes each.

We offer plans keeping in mind your flexibility and budget. Go for the plan that suits your needs and requirements the best.

SAT practice test: Analyze your current skills using SAT practice test

SAT practice test is a diagnostic test conducted by Tutor Pace specifically for SAT aspirants. The test consists of 20 questions that you have to do in 20 minutes.

SAT practice test basically tests your current skill level as per the SAT exam. There are objective questions that test you on the basis of your quick decision making capability.

In the beginning, you get the test instructions that you need to read before starting the test. The instructions guide you through the process of taking the test.

Firstly, select your test type and test subject. Then, mark your desired answer out of the 5 options of a multiple choice question. Skip any question that you do not understand using the relevant option. Submit the test once you are done with it. Your test will be graded and the result will be displayed.

Tutor Pace’s SAT practice test analyzes your present skills, so as to make them at par with the skill level required in the SAT exam. You can notice where have gone wrong. You can note down your strengths and weaknesses.

Our SAT practice test lets you map your weak points with the right learning. You can improve drastically once you have noticed the missing points in your SAT prep. Moreover, you can strengthen your weak areas, so as to clear the minimum cut off in the main exam.

Tutor Pace’s SAT prep is truly one of a kind. Best practice under best budget is what every SAT aspirant is looking for as of now. Get our expert SAT tutor right now!

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