SAT Does Not Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

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tutorpace-blogSAT tests evaluate your mind on three fronts: Calculative ability, Comprehension, Knowledge of English and Analytical ability. Let us understand some of the best ways to prepare for SAT by following the 6 steps mentioned below. These steps will build a good foundation and refresh your attitude about appearing for SAT tests.

  • Get your mind right!

SAT tests are considered to be hard and there is an air of pessimism surrounding the students. But in fact, it is better to be prepared and confident than to keep wondering about ‘What will happen to me?’ The anxiety most certainly will consume your energy before the test does.

Hence, just take a deep breath, relax and start writing the test. You could do some breathing exercises to keep your mind calm and relaxed.

  • Reading ability

English comprehension in the SAT test focuses on the student’s ability to read and understand the each paragraph. The student should start reading magazine and newspaper articles. It could be easier to start with reading ‘subjects of interest’ rather than targeting the hard subjects first. Gradually, reading becomes part of your nature and an essential habit.

  • Solve problems

Math problems are built around formulas and concepts. Hence it is most essential to understand these concepts first and then target the problems individually. Each problem is going to be different and the student should get into the habit of brainstorming over problems.

If you are not a math lover, it is better to let the ‘brain power building’ happen in the initial days and then start knowing about ‘what exactly you could focus on to get better results?’ Eventually you will most certainly get it right!

  •  Identifying mistakes

Once you start appearing for mock/practice tests, the areas that require improvement become evident. You actually start building your strengths when you start practicing tests. The whole effort put in timing the test along with the feeling that you are getting better each day is just what you need to become a confident SAT candidate.

  • Try and Try till you succeed!

The triangles, squares and hexagons may be a bit difficult to understand initially and the mystery surrounding the identification of commonalities between 5 different diagrams might get a little confusing. Hence, deal with math problems one by one. Do not try to approach all on the same day!

Some students try to take an overview of what the test is about and then they might end up losing their confidence. See, it is dangerous failing to know about your strengths and trying to be an all-rounder. You will do well, if you know about – what is it that makes you a deserving potential SAT appearing candidate?

The answer is different for everyone and you have to find yours, hence the practice.

  • Get habitual to the examination environment

Some students get jittery about appearing for examinations because they think the wrong way. They think that examinations are about evaluating my personality and abilities. It is not so! Examinations are there to make you stronger and better.

Hence, you need to start preparing for those exams and if you are unprepared – you will never know the difference between easy and difficult. It is almost as if having a good or bad opinion about some car, without even trying to test-drive it.

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