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Read To Know Top 13 iPad Educational Apps For Kids

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In today’s modern learning trends, using iPad apps for study methods is one of the most preferred methods of student learning. The App Store of Apple provides innumerable educational apps for enhancing students’ creativity and logical skills. The apps are designed in a way that they suit students of any learning style with their fun exercises and interactive techniques for more productivity in use and thus helps students learn educational topics with ease and interest. More than eighty thousand apps are provided for iPad users by Apple with a wide range of subjects and topics that cover the learning aspects of all graders.

Following are some of the top iPad educational apps for kids

Bamboo Paper: This app is a popular and effective one for kids with its pen graphic tablets. By sketching and importing images, students can make their natural handwriting and enjoy sharing their work with others.

Cell and Cell Structure: From the name you can understand that it is a Biology app providing lots of information about cell, its meaning, structure, life cycle and the individual organelles with their functions. It offers an extensive knowledge base for kids in the topic of cell. This app makes Science learning interesting and fun for students. Each topic has a set of 10 questions for students enabling them to learn new concepts.

Paper by FiftyThree: This is the best app for writing and saving inspirations, opinions and creative ideas when students come across such things. Paper by FiftyThree, with its simple interface, helps kids save their ideas as diagrams, illustrations, notes and sketches and keep them in an organized manner for use.

It is a visually interactive app which comes handy for expressing one’s ideas and views. Students can create check lists, sketch portraits and diagrams with the help of this app. They can also clarify details in an image with great speed and ease. Sharing ideas through power point presentations, keynote and PDF is also possible through this app.

DragonBox Algebra 12+: This app helps students drive away their Math fear and learn Math concepts like Algebra, Positive and Negative Signs, Addition of Fractions, Factorization etc. with ease. In this app, there are 20 progressive chapters, 10 of which are for learning Math concepts and the other 10 are for the purpose of practicing.

Poems by Heart: Poems by Heart is a good introduction to poetic literature. It helps students learn and understand classic poems at a deep level and cherish their value throughout their life. This enables students to learn, recite and memorize classic poems by making them fun, easy and addictive. And this is very useful for remembering poems with its brain- training methods.

Brainzy: This app is excellent for kids of three to seven years (preschoolers to first graders) with its 300 educational games and 30 important skills. It is a helping tool for parents who wish to train their kids in reading and doing Math right from the start of their schooling. The variety of read-along stories, songs and videos found over here helps kids learn related Math concepts and improve their reading skills along with.

WWF Together (World WildLife Fund): This app introduces stories of animals such as elephants, rhinos, whales and other such amazing species. It provides stories about endangered species like tigers, polar bears and pandas. This interactive app provides animated videos that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and email with friends. This app instils the necessity for protecting animals, preserving species and their habitats etc.

IBooks Author: This app gives an opportunity for teachers to teach different subjects in their own way. Kids can create their own stories with 3D objects, animated images, interactive videos and audio with the help of iBooks Author.

Learn English Great Videos: It is one of the best apps for learning English grammar and language effectively and easily. Expert English teachers and language experts have designed this app that students get excellent grammar tips and enriched vocabulary lists for writing grammatically correct and perfect sentences. Regular use of this app improves one’s pronunciation and enhances his communication skills in language.

Keynote: Keynote is useful for preparing marvelous presentation with transitions and live effects.

iTunes: This iPad app is tremendously useful for bringing the entire class together for sharing videos, lessons, questions, answers and many such things. It is of great help for both teachers and students. This helps teachers create lessons and assignments using effective resources along with advanced learning materials like Multi- touch books, apps and videos. And this is more useful for students to express creatively what they have learnt.Through this app, a student can submit his presentations, PDFs and videos attaching them directly to a class project.

Numbers: This is a spreadsheet application, most innovative in use and created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is supportive in Smart Zoom and Multi- Touch gestures that are helpful in creating interactive spreadsheets. Students can express their ideas through charts, tables and texts anywhere on the canvas provided by this app.

Pages: Pages is one of the most creative Word processors letting students create attractive, precise and well-structured reports, resumes and documents. This is highly helpful for adding any text, image or shapes to a document and thus making it fantastic and impressive. It has advanced features like mark comments, change tracking and spot light changes made in the paper for easy review.

All these apps are of great value for kids in their learning process and some of them prove extremely productive for classroom purposes from the angle of teachers. Approaching online math tutoring centers for learning through more interactive apps in a personalized classroom is also good for students as online math tutors therein are subject experts who know the trendy methods to use more such apps and make way for a very feasible learning process for kids.

Get the best of iPad apps and make your learning interactive, fun and productive.

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