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Summer Online Tutoring – A superb blend of fun and learning

August 3rd, 2012 Sunil Kumar Uncategorized
Summer Online Tutoring – A superb blend of fun and learning

Summer online tutoring programs are tailored made to get a student ready for school before the term begins and beat the competition.  But why study and ruin your summer holidays?  Have you imagined that learning could be fun?  With summer online tutoring programs studying is very enjoyable.

The summer programs are designed such that each student is assigned an individual tutor.  So sessions can be arranged to suit the students’ timings.  Subjects are taught at an unhurried steady pace and there is no undue pressure.  There is no need to travel to tedious tutoring sessions either.
The online tutors use multimedia, headphones and speakers while teaching.  It does not feel like studying at all.  Analytical subjects like math and science are taught through puzzles and games.  The student’s language skills are honed with the help of quizzes,

Planning for College Begins Right Now

July 31st, 2012 Sunil Kumar Uncategorized
Planning for College Begins Right Now

It is true that your planning for college begins four years before you pass out of school. You should become aware of your future educational plans as soon as you are in the ninth grade. It is time to think about your career choices. That will automatically steer you to the college of your choice.
You may be in the ninth grade but you still need a lot of help getting the information about the right college for you. At this stage parental help is of extreme importance. Your class teachers too will be glad to guide you. First you have to decide whether you are going to be a lawyer, doctor or engineer. Perhaps you are thinking of joining the army. Each career goal requires a special college education.
By the time you are in the tenth grade you will

Why Tutor Pace is leading in Expert Online tutoring Services

July 27th, 2012 Sunil Kumar TutorPace's Awards
Why Tutor Pace is leading in Expert Online tutoring Services

Tutor Pace is a virtual leader in online tutoring services.  Their technology ensures that a student’s tutoring session is not interrupted and goes at a smooth pace.  Privacy of a student is also maintained at all times.
The learning advantage of Tutor Pace
Highly qualified and experienced tutors are always at the service of students round the clock with Tutor Pace.  This helps the students to select session timings as per their own convenience and learn at their individual comfort level.
Online tutoring is a one-on-one experience so a student can select a slot with a favorite tutor.  This ensures that the student is happy with the learning process.  Regular feedback from the tutor gives the student a chance to work on his liabilities.
Learning can be fun with Tutor Pace
The teachers at Tutor Pace use audio and visual tools to make the sessions more

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