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Online Tutors Right Away – No Child Left Behind

November 2nd, 2012 Sunil Kumar Online Tutoring | Best online tutoring
Online Tutors Right Away – No Child Left Behind

Enjoy the excellent classroom experience from the comfort of your home with TutorPace through Internet Learning program. Online tutoring brings to your doorstep an attractive virtual classroom via high-speed internet, minus the expenditure and bother of travel. Sessions are conducted by top notch live tutors using advanced technology.
One of the recent offerings of Tutor Pace is SES program. This session has been designed to offer academic guidance to economically backward kids who are struggling to achieve their academic objective.
The sessions primarily offer online assignment help, online subject help, and guidance for online test preparation. It helps students to attain sessions for any particular subject too.  It is the most cost effective, 24*7 service that assures one-on-one attention. The use of interactive whiteboard, live chat sessions make the training process motivational.
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Live Tutoring Sessions to Become Arithmetic Genius

November 1st, 2012 Sunil Kumar Online Tutoring | Best online tutoring
Live Tutoring Sessions to Become Arithmetic Genius

Tutor Pace, a USA based online tutoring website has been connecting students with highly trained and experienced online math tutors around the world. Our live tutors are available 24*7 and they help students from k-12 to get all their doubts cleared. Students and parents enjoy the opportunity to choose an ideal tutor who will provide one-on-one assistance in real-time.
E-learning sessions are suitable for all types of students. Live tutors can make things easier and even the most challenging problems may be solved easily. The live interactive sessions help learners to understand the main concepts. New Improved technology helps to solve Math puzzles. Students can calculate effortlessly as the shared white board sessions make learning easy and interesting.
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NCLB-SES Provider in State of Texas

October 31st, 2012 Sunil Kumar TutorPace's Awards
NCLB-SES Provider in State of Texas

Tutor Pace is a reliable and leading provider in online education (offering subject tutoring, sessions on every subject and test preparation guidance to students from K-12th. Since inception, the company has strived to proffer its students with “interactive and informative learning sessions.” We are committed to assist kids to attain their maximum academic potential. Tutor Pace is a SES Provider in State of Texas offering supplementary education services, (an aid program for disadvantaged students). We are providing education services to low-income kids who are struggling for progress in their academic grades.
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