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How to Motivate and Engage Students in Learning

February 18th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Uncategorized
How to Motivate and Engage Students in Learning

Lots of academic institutions and educators work to motivate students not only to improve the test scores but intend to retain students in the same institution. There is not a single theory that increases student’s motivation. It is the strategy laid down for the students to create a desire to learn the topic with interest, enjoyment, and self-fulfillment and thus achieve mastery in the subject.
Here are the strategies implemented by several academic institutions which showed great results:

Make classroom live with learning activities that connect the subject with student’s culture, interest, social lives and current happenings and events.
Offer choices and options to the students when they feel monotonous learning. Let them have their own voice by allowing them to choose a lab partner or selecting alternative assignments.
Be supportive by encouraging the students by listening to their questions and showing empathy

Does Free Trial Helps to Find Best Tutors Online

February 17th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
Does Free Trial Helps to Find Best Tutors Online

Free trial or demonstration is meant to showcase the quality of the product/service. It help consumer to check genuineness of the features and specification that describe the product/service. Free trail or demo session definitely help student finding best online tutors.
The tutors registered with reputed online tutoring company give their detailed introduction before starting trial session. Further, trial session will help you to know the efficiency of tutors’ skill, tools and techniques used to make you learn. You can ask queries, doubts, and difficulties in free session to check in-depth knowledge of the tutor. Often smart guys ask tricky Math problem solving questions to check tutor’s capabilities. At the end of free session, you can check your comfort level with the pace that tutor takes the lessons.
Typically, online tutoring use two-way interactive whiteboard with live chat

How to Help My Child With School Assignments

February 15th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
How to Help My Child With School Assignments

The education system is getting tough day by day where children task sheet (To-do’s) always remain full with daily homework, assignments, weekend projects, unit and midterm test preparation. They remain under stress to finish off their work on time. Often children do not understand concepts in the first time with feel lack of personal attention in the school classroom. At this time they got stuck to finish off their assignments and wish to get one-to-one academic support who gives answers to all their queries and doubts.
Online tutoring is becoming very popular way among students and parents with flexibility and availability that it offers. Your child can ask Math tutoring anytime any day right from their home. The online tutors will give hands-on support to your child in all kind of daily homework. May homework comprises of

Online algebra tutor from the house of

A good future is what everyone wants and for that every parent wants their child to be prepared for it.