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Online Tutoring Programs vs. Private Tutoring: Which is More Effective

April 4th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Education
Online Tutoring Programs vs. Private Tutoring: Which is More Effective

Like every coin has two side positive and negative, online tutoring programs and private tutoring has its own pros and cons. Both types of tutoring are effective with their positives, however, looking at the technological advancement online tutoring is considered to be more effective not academically but even professionally.
Positives of Online Tutoring
Provide lots of flexibility with tutoring timings, opportunity to learn from qualified tutors across the world, access quality content and study material. It offers one-to-one individualized tutoring with focused strategies to strengthen weak areas of the student. With tutoring online, distance never becomes a hurdle to find quality resources.
Educational technology being the primary medium for tutoring help growing students more mature and tech savvy to accept the work culture of the 21st century.
Online mentoring is more comfortable with 24/7 academic support right at your home.

College Readiness: Cognitive and Behavioral Skills Required

April 4th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Education
College Readiness: Cognitive and Behavioral Skills Required

What makes grown up student success at the college level? It is the cognitive behavioral maturity and preparedness that makes academically sound career. Typically, a student studying in high school level has enough grown up to interpret and analyze knowledge. High school level students can engage them in critical thinking and identify problem-solving. Also the assertiveness at this level helps to structure ideas and pen down on the paper. Thus, cognitive behavioral skills like assertiveness, critical thinking, interpret and analyzing knowledge, problem solving and social functioning becomes very essential while taking admission in reputed college.
Cognitive and Behavioral Skills: Action
Actionable cognitive and behavioral skills help students to plan strategy while resolving a problem situation. E.g. student stop and think before developing action plan and restrict aggressive reaction through the use of sly speech. A mature student can easily identify problems

Effective Online Learning Strategies and Study Skills For College Students

April 2nd, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
Effective Online Learning Strategies and Study Skills For College Students

The key to succeed for college students is not necessarily studying harder but studying smarter with effective learning strategies and study skills. Online tutoring is not far from this fact. Let’s see how college students can take online learning with effective strategies and study skills:

Develop skills to maximize efficiency completing online course
Learn computer and internet surfing skills
Be familiar with acronyms used in online tutoring

Technical Issues:

Learn the communication mediums used in tutoring online
Be familiar about how the virtual classroom works
Always have extra paper and printer ink cartridge on hand
Take the glimpse of course curriculum and tutorials right at the beginning of the semester
Effectively organize tutorials document and files to easily retrieve when required
Save files into an external storage device to protect from hard drive crash

Develop Netiquette:

Be professional when communicating online
Communicate in respectable tone in live chat or

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