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Where Can I Retrieve My SAT Scores

April 16th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Education
Where Can I Retrieve My SAT Scores

Before preparing for college admissions, you need to take the SAT test and qualify it to get admission into the college of your choice.
Whether you take the ACT or SAT test in high school then ACT score ranges from 1-36 and SAT score will range from 600-2400. The format of the SAT is changing quite a bit in the last decades. Hence the score you have received in 80’s would now be scaled differently.
To find your SAT score, you can try out, however, they do not keep score for long years. You can even ask for your school authority to get transcripts and ensure them that you are looking forward to get your SAT scores. If you are taking the online test preparation program then you can seek help from online tutoring authorities to retrieve

Online Tutoring: Ultimate Guide to Top Contests and Awards

April 14th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
Online Tutoring: Ultimate Guide to Top Contests and Awards

After K-12 education, the student requires to qualify competitive test to get college admission. The students need to prepare for SAT, ACT, AP, etc. based on the type of course they apply. Tutoring online help students to improve their test scores and thereby increase their chance to get college admission and scholarship at the college or University of their choice.
Let’s check out how online tutoring is the ultimate guide to top contest and awards?
Tutoring from Experienced and Expert Tutors
The tutoring website offer tutoring from experienced and expert online tutor and not just high scoring mentors. They make testing easier with more practice work. They teach valuable test taking strategies and tips that help students to improve their scores.
Reduce Test Anxiety and Gain Confidence
Often students are more intelligent than what their test score

How to Improve Your SAT Vocabulary

April 13th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
How to Improve Your SAT Vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the sections in SAT test; however emphasis on vocabulary is reduced to some extent in the SAT test. However, following the given tips to improve your SAT vocabulary:
Read to learn Vocabulary
Reading is the best way to improve your SAT vocabulary skills. Read SAT-level publication or novel and follow the given steps:

When you come across any word that you do not know then take a pause
Write down a word, check out and write down word’s definition
Take a note about how this new word was used in the book where you found it
Keep on reading, and follow steps 1-4 whenever you find new words

Speak to improve word power
Like reading, speaking English is major part of improving vocabulary. Often words, do not pop up while writing or speaking English. We need to give conscious efforts otherwise it

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