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5 Ways to Know Your SAT Test Well

September 21st, 2013 Sunil Kumar Online Tutor
5 Ways to Know Your SAT Test Well

Even before you start preparing for SAT test, it is necessary to know SAT well, along with its various sections such as SAT writing and SAT subject tests such as SAT Biology and SAT chemistry.
 1- Time Management: One of the critical aspects of the SAT test is time management. Solving SAT or any other competitive tests such as GMAT/GRE are all a race against time. The SAT test time management skills will make you a much better manager than – what you are now.
2- Multiple skills, varying degrees: The SAT test is not just about one subject; hence it is known that a student should have multiple skills. If the student can write well then sure that student can do well in English SAT. This is to say that talent should be developed by developing your new skill-sets to

3 Ways in Which Practice Questions Help in College Entrance Test Preparation

September 20th, 2013 Sunil Kumar ACT Questions
3 Ways in Which Practice Questions Help in College Entrance Test Preparation

Practice questions can help the student to a great extent in preparing for the competitive, college admission tests such as ACT and SAT. 1- Knowing the format: Firstly, practice question and answers such as SAT Math Questions and Answers and ACT Practice Questions and answers are a great way of knowing ‘how should questions be answered?’ 2- Remembering the methodology: Once the student starts practicing math and other subjects that are objective in nature, it is easier to remember the method of arriving to the solutions. For instance, what would be more memorable for you?

Remembering what is Binomial theorem definition (in text)?
Or Remembering what is Binomial theorem in algebraic terms: (a + b) 1 = a + b and so on …
Here both are interdependent that is if you can remember the theorem you will remember the definition and the other way.
Remembering the application is much easier because

How to Plan a Strategy to Get Good Grades In Math

September 19th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Best Online Tutoring
How to Plan a Strategy to Get Good Grades In Math

Thinking to start your studies systematically?  Making a proper time table to curve out some important topics? Well why not to start the mathematical practices online? Give a new shot a new beginning and drive things in a neat and systematic way. Math can be best learn online with the online tutorials.
The online math comes up various techniques and systematic formulas to be followed while you practice the topics online. Obviously, math needs a teacher to make you understand when you encounter with a doubt. It is a subject that has to have a teacher’s guidance to understand the matter in the perfect way and get the crux of the topic. It is more of a logical subject and can be best learned with a thorough practice. So open your text books and

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