How to beat 8 Top Distractions when it’s Time to study Accounts

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Accounting is always a difficult subject for the college students. They aren’t able to grasp the accounting subjects quickly. Accounting comprises of numerous subject areas including management accounting, financial accounting, accounting information systems, auditing, and taxation, but students find it very hard to understand it as they face few distractions. Their friends can hang out and gossip with them, or they may be tired going in a party, or they may want to watch TV, or any other kind of distraction can prevent them to concentrate on their studies. Then the students say to themselves that they will do it afterward.

As a student, if you want to identify your distraction and take accounts study as a challenge, your accounting tutor online will help you in distinguishing few distractions easily. If you are among those students whose minds get diverted from books, first check out the distractions and know how to overcome them!

8 Distractions & how to overcome on accounts study

1) Find a quiet place, instead of noisy

If you’re sitting in a room where your roommates are laughing and giggling and gossiping among themselves loudly, you may get distracted easily from studying accounting. There might be music and loud noise in the room where you have a tough time in focusing. You can leave that noisy place and move to a library, a peaceful café, a quiet room or another spot of campus area where there isn’t any noise. Anyhow, get rid of noise to study concentratedly with the help of managerial accounting tutor.

2) Avoid temptations of entertainment

If you are sitting and studying in a room where you play video games, watch TV, or go through magazines, you tend to get distracted automatically. These things will influence you to watch or play, instead of studying. The moment you would find your assignments difficult, or it seems boring, your eyes will shift to entertainment zone around you. Therefore, you should leave that living room or entertainment space and sit in a room where there aren’t any entertainment options near you. In this way, you can resist yourself from seeing TV shows or movies.

3) Study alone

If you are having an exam in a matter of few days and your best friend comes to meet you and wants to chitchat with you, it’s hard to avoid such a situation. Your longtime friend might want your full attention. You too must have started sharing your talks and laughing on the good old memories, before you might have forgotten that you have to prepare for your class tests. In order to overcome this disturbance, you decide to study alone. You can tell them that you will prefer hanging out later after you complete your revisions.

4) Stay away from online distraction

You tell your mom that you have to search a study material online. Then you do your research via your desktop laptop or mom’s smartphone. Suddenly your mind gets changed and you are checking Facebook or any other website, consoling yourself that you’re surfing it for few seconds only. But your half-an-hour is wasted on social networking sites, instead of finding the accurate study material for your assignment. Thus, to ward off from this online disturbance, you have to unplug yourself from anything that isn’t related to school. Turn off the Wi-Fi or close the internet access completely and finish your school work firstly. The lesser you surf online, better for you.

5) Do fewer text messages

Even if you don’t have your personal smartphone and you are chatting with your friend using your mom’s smartphoneon WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, this is actually hampering your study. Too much messaging can distract your mind from studies. Even while you study, there is constant buzzing of multiple messages in the mobile placed next to you. Thus take your books out, put your mobile or your mom’s mobile in your hand in silent mode and away from you for three-four hours, and finish up your studies.

6) Meditate or take a deep breath

Many things in your room might attract you to go near them. It might be your phone, music player, television, internet, video games, etc. In order to have a control over your urge, you can sit on the floor in a room where no one is there and close your eyes. Then you start meditating for fifteen minutes to half-an-hour. Breathe-in and breathe-out and repeat this process for a short period in the morning and evening till your mind becomes calm and steady. You can thus concentrate on your study more seriously.

7) Ask your near and dear ones to give you privacy

When you are studying in your study room, your mom might drop in to ask about something, your sister might ask for help with her homework, your brother might ask for advice, your friend might drop by to chat with you, or your neighbor might come to your room to have a word or two. In this case, you can ask them to give you privacy to study without disturbance. Share this thing politely so that they can understand your situation and won’t disturb you during your study hours. You can even close your study room from inside so that no one can come in your room to interact with you. Others also will get to know about your commitment towards academic excellence and hence would respect your privacy.

8) Get eight hours of proper sleep at night

You should get sufficient sleep as a student for seven to eight hours daily at night. There might be projects to do or your homework or assignments. You need to adjust timing for them so that you can sleep at the right time at night and get up by six-thirty in the morning. Sleep is very important as you can have a good memory, your brain functions well and you can concentrate greatly. Make sure to arrange your schedule accordingly and go to bed by 11 pm.

Therefore, all the students who want to excel in their accounts study should follow the above steps! When they stop themselves from the above distractions, then only they can accomplish their tasks and execute better results! Share your opinions if you have faced any such distraction at the time of study!


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