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Top 10 Approach for Organic Chemistry Homework Help

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Oh, Organic Chemistry. One of life’s toughest subjects, right? We get it! It’s not a walk in the park. That’s why Tutor Pace is here to help walk you through the subject and on your way to an A!!

Our online Organic Chemistry tutors can help students with Periodic Table and balancing equations, lab reports, assignments, projects and test preparations. But we also help you through this blog…did you know there are 10 major tips that can change the way you approach Organic Chemistry and help you ace the subject.

Top 10 Approach for Organic Chemistry Homework Help

  1. Learn About Structure: We know Organic Chemistry is a huge Sahara Desert of information. There are a ton of compounds. But, once you take all of those compounds, they can be arranged into groups, based on structure. Then you can figure out which reactions are possible, and which are not possible. Mastering your Organic Chemistry homework you need to understand, how to draw structures from a name and understand how to identify the number of bonds, hybridization of different atoms and bond line diagrams, learn how to identify all of the bonds in a bond line diagram. Once you can get those basics hammered out, you’re on your way to Organic Chemistry mastery!
  2. Build a Strong Foundation: Now that you’ve got the basis down, you’re on your way to mastering Organic Chemistry by building a strong foundation. We know, students can sometimes skip the early chapters of Organic Chemistry because it’s “too easy.” But, when you get your online Organic Chemistry tutoring at Tutor Pace, we know the importance of every part and every chapter of the subject to help you master it. You need the strong foundation to have the strong house…think of a pyramid. Which also happens to look like the A you’ll be getting once you work with our online Organic Chemistry tutors.
  3. Work the Problems: Practice, practice, practice and more practice is a motto our online Organic Chemistry tutors live by here at Tutor Pace. In order to change your approach and grade to Organic Chemistry, you need to attempt all NCERT questions, then your book exercises and look at past exams. With our online Organic Chemistry Homework Help, we will provide you with plenty of practice questions, formulas and exams. Work. Those. Problems!
  4. Prepare Mind Maps: A mind map is an easy way to brainstorm thoughts organically without worrying about order and structure, allowing you to visually structure your ideas to help with analysis and recall. It allows you to store all your data in a centralized location, helping organization. In the course of organic chemistry, you will find many reagents. Some are reducing agents (LiAlH4), some oxidize (O3), while some dehydrate. (conc. H2SO4). Know what they do, make a list, and remember them.
  5. Don’t Forget Acid-Base Reactions: As you may know, half of Organic Chemistry is based on acid-base reaction. So know them, know how they react with one another and your approach to Organic Chemistry will be changed. Also, don’t forget the Lewis Concept of Acids and Basis, therein lies a very important concept of Organic Chemistry. That will let you decide where the charge is most stable allowing you to predict the direction the reaction will take and what the product is.
  6. Focus on Understanding, Not Memorization: While it may seem like your best bet is memorizing Organic Chemistry formulas, when it comes to an exam or homework problem that is complicated, that memorization will not help. What will help the most, is truly understand what you’re doing. But, there are certain aspects of Organic Chemistry that will actually require memorization like nomenclature terms, reagent names and acronyms and so on. For those, our online Organic Chemistry tutors will have you use memorization tools like flash cards to remember that information.
  7. Use Study Partners for Homework & Tests: Having a partner can really accelerate your learning and absorption and even allow you to have some fun while learning. You don’t need to tackle Organic Chemistry alone. Not only can others help you with concepts you’re struggling with, you can also get a stronger grasp on the material you already know by explaining it to someone else. The best way to learn is by teaching.
  8. Get an online Organic Chemistry Tutor: Keeping with our theme of not having to tackle Organic Chemistry alone, our online Organic Chemistry tutors are here to help!  So, why use Tutor Pace for live, online chemistry homework help?
    • You’ll get to learn one-on-one with an expert Organic Chemistry tutor
    • Our tutors are available 24/7 and willing to work with your busy schedule
    • Our tutors provide tools and interactive, engaging fun features to make learning Chemistry fun
    • Your live, online Organic Chemistry tutoring sessions are recorded and you’ll be able to rewatch them afterwards
    • Your performance and confidence will be boosted from working with our live, online Organic Chemistry tutors
  9. Learn to speak the language: Let’s be honest, Organic Chemistry can seem like a language of its own. So many symbols! Numbers! Letters!! So, as a student, you must learn the alphabet and words that way you can speak the Chemistry language. This is another way it will benefit you to actually understand and not just memorize the language…speak it, feel it…use it!
  10. Expect to spend 10 hours a week on this class: Organic Chemistry is a hard subject and requires dedication. Whether it’s on your own, with your study group or professor or with a Tutor Pace online tutor, or splitting it up, just know, acing this class takes dedication and different kinds of resources.


So follow these 10 tips to Change the Way You Approach Organic Chemistry Homework Help. You’ll be on your way to an but also to a true understanding of the subject. Opening the doors for success in your future in many fields and career paths. Don’t forget our online Organic Chemistry tutors are here for you 24/7 to knock out homework and test prep, no matter the time or place.


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