Online Tutoring: What Is The Best Technology For Delivering One-on-One Online Tutoring

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tutorpace-blogPersonal tutoring is the best help for your kid studying that could help them with their schoolwork. Today, online tutoring is the most convenient way to get personalized tuition with the reason that most of the parents are working and do not find time to drop and pick up their children from their tuition classes.

Let us know about the best technologies used for delivering one-to-one online tutoring:

Live Text based Chat Program

Live Text based chat program is one of the most famous online tutoring technologies used by several reputed tutoring websites. Several tutoring companies offer 24*7 availability of online tutors where students can learn with one-to-one personalized tutoring session via live chatting. Private chat box not only gives personal attention but offers real-time communication in one-on-one or group chat. It allows informal interaction using emotions and use of various font colors to distinguish topics, context and speakers. Instant messenger works in the same way where you may not require downloading and installing any other chat software. Live chat program is the most convenient way of tutoring with one limitation that student may not see the tutor facial expression and body language which is very important for K-12 grade students.     

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard have large display that can be connected to computer, projector and all other requisite things. The most special feature about whiteboard is the flexibility of live interactions. It is fully loaded with features can take many forms. It gives ability to project a screen from computer to whiteboard surface, control computer from the whiteboard surface using proprietary software, ability to write on it, make notes, comments and annotations, draw graphs and images on its surface or display presentations, videos, tables, animations and any other material that you wish to show while tutoring. Writing and drawing activities are performed on touch-based board via human finger or electromagnetic pen. It allows tutors and student to work on homework, assignments and even surf internet together. It allows recording audio/video session which can be played later on for revision. It allows sharing files and documents of homework, assignments, test preparation, etc. Interactive whiteboard is one of the best technology for delivering one-to-one online tutoring; creating a replica of the physical classroom with features like live chat, audio/video conversations.

Virtual Classroom Software

A lot of virtual classroom software is available in the market today to conduct high impact engaging virtual classes. A browser like tabbed user interface via flash technology gives user-friendly experience in one-to-one and grouped online tutoring. Online whiteboard enables to write and draw anything, share anything (including your screen) and record everything. It offers the similar experience like conducting traditional class with easy and effective text-based chat communication and lives audio/video communication for best results

Live Audio/Video communication

Live Audio/Video online tutors gives best results where the virtual classroom has a similar tutoring experience like physical classroom. It enables to conduct face-to-face classroom where the tutor and student can see facial expressions and hear multiple voices. It uses VoIP technology where both tutor and student requires microphone and webcam attached to computer having high-speed Internet. It allows seamless live audio/video streaming to connect up to 5-6 people via VoIP.         

Online Libraries

Online tutoring with help of online libraries is all about accessing information on a particular academic subject from tutoring websites in the form of high impact multimedia presentations or public online libraries like YouTube. It is also the best source of guidance on a particular topic and asking your queries to the presenter. You can get a reply by the same presenter on email.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin board, message board and forum are another great tool to stay in contact with the tutor available on it. You can post your queries, doubts and homework help on the board just like email. You queries and doubts will in turn be answered by the qualified tutors that are members of the bulletin board. A group of student on the same subject/topic may benefit from being able to discuss their queries among themselves. It offers one-to-one tutoring conducted to get on-the-fly answers to your questions.


A webcast is another popular resource offering one-to-one online tutoring services. It gives one-to-one live access to the tutor, while on other hand tutor may be communicating to number of students. It requires phone to listen and webcam to view the session. This technology offers unique online tutoring experience accessing sessions from any part of the world. 

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