Online Tutoring the Answer to Distance Learning

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Online tutoring is the type of tutoring where the learning and teaching activities are conducted through the internet. The learning process for the students in this case takes place solely through the internet by an expert tutor. Web applications such as email, online whiteboards, instant messaging, video applications and so on has made the process more effective and comfortable for both the tutor and the student. The tutor is able to send quizzes to the student and receive completed assignments, and offer more learning material and recommendations time and location not being a barrier.

Online Tutoring Apps
There are web based applications which are essential for online tutoring such instant messaging apps whereby the involved parties can communicate through text, video and voice. The online whiteboard is best for when drawing, writing down and visualizing concepts during the educational discussions. Applications have been developed whereby, text, video, graphics and voice can be used together during the lesson. In most cases high quality sound, clear video experiences and full color document transferring are involved during use and therefore require high bandwidth internet connection and fast running computers.

What you need for Online tutoring
For effective online tutoring you will need the following:-A trusted tutoring online site A broadband connection with a speed of not less than 128kbsA head set with a microphone and a speaker An online whiteboard if necessary The best of online tutoring.

Convenient learning Schedules
This mode of learning has become convenient for many students worldwide because they only need to log into the tutor’s site and learn whatever time and place they are. The any time accessibility options for learning has made the process effective because student need not to wait for the learning sessions in order to do consultations with their tutors. Students are also able to access courses which are not available in their countries but are available in learning institutions of far away countries without the hassle of having to relocate.

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Sunil Kumar

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