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Online Tutoring – Strategies for Successful Learning

March 31st, 2013 Admin Education
Online Tutoring – Strategies for Successful Learning

Today, educational community is becoming aware of online tutoring; where it attracts more and more people to take virtual classroom. Lots of schools, colleges, public and private universities, corporate houses and libraries offer online model to train students, adults and professionals. However, learner needs to form strategies for successful learning with tutor online.

What can be those strategies?

Be open to share your work and experiences as part of learning process

Online tutoring should be open and friendly to eliminate the visual barriers that hinder expressing and sharing experiences.

Communicate through writing

Most often communication in virtual classroom is made possible in writing. The student should cultivate habit to express themselves in writing.

Self-disciplined and self-motivated

The student becomes self-disciplined, self-motivated and responsible with the independence and flexibility of tutoring online.

Communicate whenever problem arise

Unlike traditional classroom, often non-verbal communication used in online tutoring may not determine student’s problems, confusion, frustration, boredom etc. Hence, if the student experiences any difficulties should immediately communicate.

Think through ideas before responding

Quality and meaningful input is given in virtual classroom are the essential part of online learning process. In this process, time allows careful consideration of responses.

Tutoring online is typically accelerated learning process which requires students to become more committed on their part. Staying up in the class taking proper understanding of subjects and complete all academic work on time should be primary agenda for students taking help from online tutors.

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