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Online Tutoring Programs vs. Private Tutoring: Which is More Effective

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Like every coin has two side positive and negative, online tutoring programs and private tutoring has its own pros and cons. Both types of tutoring are effective with their positives, however, looking at the technological advancement online tutoring is considered to be more effective not academically but even professionally.

Positives of Online Tutoring

Provide lots of flexibility with tutoring timings, opportunity to learn from qualified tutors across the world, access quality content and study material. It offers one-to-one individualized tutoring with focused strategies to strengthen weak areas of the student. With tutoring online, distance never becomes a hurdle to find quality resources.

Educational technology being the primary medium for tutoring help growing students more mature and tech savvy to accept the work culture of the 21st century.

Online mentoring is more comfortable with 24/7 academic support right at your home. It eliminates travelling to the local private coaching center.

Evolution in technology facilitates real-time communication in a virtual classroom. The online tutors and students can write, draw, dictate and speak offering face-to-face interaction eliminating the barrier of distances. The recorded tutoring sessions enable students to visit back any older lessons for revisions and test preparation.

Tutoring online provides valuable insight to parents. Insights about the quality of tutoring with the personal intervention in between the tutoring. Give detailed progress report at regular time intervals.

Considered to be the one stop destination for all kinds of academic needs. Then it may be K-12 education, college study or accessing public and private study material and resources

Negatives of Online Tutoring

Live tutoring keeps student physically away from the tutor allowing distracting from the tutoring

Lack of quality internet access, software compatibility issues and bad experience using computers may hamper quality of tutoring.

Asynchronous tutoring on email and chat box make it impossible for tutors and students to physically meet each other. This hamper social skills in young age students

Positives of Private Tutoring

Provide face-to-face communication between student and tutor which means a lot for students who lack motivation level and self-discipline

Provide one-to-one personalized attention providing opportunities to talk about the specific questions and discuss problem areas personally

Tutoring is more focused based on tutoring needs. Various private tutoring services work towards offering coaching in specific needful basis.

With private tutoring, often student shows drastic improvements in very short time with just few tutoring sessions.

 Negatives of Private Tutoring

Accessibility is the main question in rural areas. Students do not have own vehicles to reach the local center. Students taking higher education may not find quality tutors

Personal conflicts between tutor and student may hinder quality of tutoring

Private tutoring is always a costly option which may not fit into the tight budget for low income students.

Math is a complex and difficult subject, you can ask for demo online Math tutoring session. It will help students to check the effectiveness of tutoring! 

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