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Online Tutoring – Five Steps to Become an Effective Tutor

March 27th, 2013 Admin Best Online Tutoring
Online Tutoring – Five Steps to Become an Effective Tutor

Like traditional teaching, the ultimate goal of online tutoring is to deliver and transfer knowledge. However, the big difference is the mode of tutoring. An online tutor needs to be more responsible enough to handle their changed role and deliver more effective tutoring.

Understand your role as Online Tutor:

Online tutoring is basically one-to-one tutoring where tutor delivers interactive session from remote location. Still, the challenge for tutor is to work in close proximity with the student giving an experience of face-to-face private tutoring. The approaches, relationship and techniques employed by online tutors are different. The students should get opportunity to speak and ask questions. The session designed to deliver live online tutoring should be more effective.

Meet Your Student’s Needs:

Determine the student’s need of tutoring and gaps that stop them to succeed. Assess the student’s understanding of the subject by asking questions. Get an idea to deliver session towards positive way of correcting students, problem solving and good questioning techniques.

Design Tutoring Session Strategically:

It is essential to design tutoring session that includes effective transfer of knowledge. Each session should have specific goals delivering topic/subject, identify potential practice work and review expectations of the students towards potential problems.

Intellectual and Emotional Guide:

Nurture your student’s interest and boost up self confidence through learning process. Mentor them through their difficulties. Spend more time in mentoring students as individuals. Take tutoring sessions in the areas where they need additional help.

Ending the Tutoring Session:

Positively review and assess the work done during the session. Reschedule for another session if required. Do necessary paperwork.

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