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Kudos To The Great Work Done By Chemistry Tutor From Tutor Pace

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I wish to introduce myself as Gabriel, a ninth grader in a public school in Texas. Well, my experience with Tutor Pace for chemistry tutor is amazing and I want to share it with you.

I am not that good at science- having exam fear, pulling all nighters before science tests- the hell of it.   And, I shiver at chemistry which haunts me even in sleeps…. Those equations, formulas, symbols…I shrivel before the day of chemistry test.

From the day 1 of my chemistry classes this year, I was like a fish out of water and trembled in labs. Poor grades in the first test, poorer grades in second test… it went on like that

Experience of students on chemistry tutor

One of my friends had the same experience; she searched the web and picked up a list of online tutoring services. She chose Tutor Pace for their rates and services and agreed for a free trial session with them. Chemistry was at her finger tips from then and now she is all for Tutor Pace. She recommended the same for me too.

I did not believe at first that tutors could be so friendly, explanatory and easy to go in their attitudes. I started with a free trial session in Chemistry for 30 minutes from Tutor Pace. It was about gas laws and the tutor was mind blowing…easy explanations and gripping in presentation. I did not feel the fleeting of time. So engaging was he. (Now he is my favorite tutor).

Ok, I continued with a month’s package for Chemistry tutoring and am happy with my tutor’s explanations, problem solving and instant solutions and feedback. Atoms, Boyle’s law- you could ask me anything in Chemistry now.

Wonderful experience and safe environment. I really feel blessed to be part of Tutor Pace experience. I’ll continue to be so.

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Sunil Kumar

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