Kids’ Math Anxiety Reduced With An Online Math Tutor

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It may be surprising to many that mathematical anxiety isn’t a myth. But is actually a sort of stress or tension that students feel when working with math problems or during math exams. This directly interferes with their reasoning and analytical prowess and thus results in poor performance in exams. In fact, in some cases it is noted that students who are extremely anxious about math strive to avoid performing any sort of activity. Activity that may involve mathematical calculations. Not only does such anxiety put them at a disadvantage in school. It also has emotional and psychological effects as well. It is thus very important to identify if a student is facing such a problem and work on it at the earliest.

Personalized attention does wonder to help math anxiety

One on one sessions with a seasoned online math tutor could help put students at ease. As there is almost chance of ridicule and they can feel comfortable enough to work on the topic at their own pace. Similarly, with one on one session, the tutor can gauge the requirement of the students and proceed as per that. This doesn’t happen in today’s classrooms at school.

Encouragement and a high degree of customization in classes is required

Studies reveal that whenever a student is stuck anywhere, he/she needs support from the tutor. Tutor who can work with them in a slow and positive manner. Encouragement is very much necessary and the tutor should ensure that they help the student sail pass the bottleneck in a positive and encouraging fashion. This most certainly improves their cognitive ability. Especially when it comes to math and decreases the stress levels dramatically. Thus, students perform better when given the right sort of help.

Active learning is the best way to beat those math blues

Math lessons when presented in entertaining forms can lead to better learning as students are better active learners. Music is also said to have a great impact on learning and modern day math tutors who help children with math homework help online are employing this and other techniques to help them grasp the concepts better. Also, when learning is made fun, there is no stress or competition associated and this plays down the anxiety aspect a lot. Students with severe anxiety problems respond well to stress free teaching methods that seek to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Making math learning a positive experience can help bring down stress

Each child has a unique learning pattern and capability. Tutors should focus on getting to learn the student’s capability and assess their weaknesses and strengths and then begin to work on their problem areas. Even while doing so, the tutors should work on finding the best approach to help the students learn. Making learning a positive experience will help students dissociate their anxiety and stress from math and thus improve their learning experience.


Playing down math anxiety is not the right way to handle it; it has drastic consequences on the student’s academic record while also affecting him/her psychologically. Personalized learning has been proven to help in bringing down math anxiety and where better can a student get such attention than in online platforms where they can seek math assignment help, homework help and also full-fledged tutoring sessions from professional tutors.

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