Is Online Tutoring as Effective as Face-to-Face Tutoring

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tutorpace-blogSchool classroom and personal tuition offer face-to-face tutoring while online tutoring is one-to-one tutoring with virtual classroom with two attendees, a tutor and a student.

Face-to-face tutoring may not be so effective as school classroom is full with dozens of students fail to individually attend each of them. Personal tuition can be in single or group of students but may not give good results like one-to-one tutoring, especially when student lack confidence asking his difficulties. The tutor and student do not see each other face-to-face while online tutoring but take classes that create a bond of trust between them. It gives full freedom to the student to ask any simplest doubt. It facilitates learning at students’ own pace. The tutor analyzes student’s understanding level and grasping capabilities, thus, develop a strategy to maximize learning. The tutor forms unique methodology for each student that helps him to increase academic scores.

An effective tutoring creates bonds between the tutor and the student. It not only serves academically but acts as a mentor guiding through all the academic difficulties. The qualified and experienced tutors impart tutoring through study skills, school textbooks, homework help, assignment work, test preparation and lot more. The school or personal tutor may not offer such extensive help as they are bound in time limit.

Lots of children access online resources to increase their knowledge of the subjects. However, the internet is vast and takes time for students to find relevant information. Online tutoring websites offer shared online study resources to their students. The tutors guide accessing information from online library which has relevance to their level of education. Such kind of one-to-one help is not available at school academics or personal tuition.

Online tutoring is definitely effective as face-to-face tutoring!

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