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Is Homework Graded for Completion or for Accuracy

April 25th, 2013 Admin Best Online Tutoring
Is Homework Graded for Completion or for Accuracy

This is about how online tutoring services consider the act of giving homework and how the completed homework should be evaluated by the tutor. Is homework should be graded for completion or for accuracy?

The primary aim of giving homework is to practice the lessons being taught in the classroom. Some may agree that homework teaches new ideas that deal with the subject/topic in more complexes. If homework is the learning process then where is the point to grade students while they are learning the subject.

Grading is the process to check the student understands of the knowledge in the subject when they have already learnt the subject. If homework is just practice work then the online tutor should just give feedback on the completed homework. The student should get to know whether they are on right track or have right understanding or not. This leads to accuracy of their understanding on the topic learnt in the classroom. The assessment of the homework should be assessing the road map of learning attained in the classroom. When homework is not assessed does not give clear understanding about how much of learning is being grasped by each of the student.

Often homework graded for completion may lead to cheating copying things from reference materials. But cheating may not give right understanding of the subject.

The online tutors should give students chance to practice idea and in turn give feedback to each student about how they need to close any understanding gaps while learning the subject/topic. Let students form actual ability to complete their homework and generate new ideas on self-study habits. This is only possible when homework is not graded for completion and for accuracy.

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