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How integrated technology has significantly benefited the education system

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The development of technology is evolving in the coming years, and technology profoundly affects the future of the educational system. Some experts are against this trend of implementation such as edtech and apps used in school. Mainly because they feel that technology is a source of distraction for students rather than expanding their minds.

However, technology-based learning strategies can have ethical practices that facilitate students to learn and expand their ability, performance, and productivity. Technology integration in the education system inspires a different and more simplified approach to teaching methods.

Integration of Technology into the Education System

Technology makes teaching and learning easy

With the help of specific tools like websites, apps, e-books, and virtual tutoring students can learn on their own and still understand at their own pace. This digital material support classroom teaching and introduce more natural teaching methods for every student. For teachers, audio-visual presentation helps students to understand clearly and get the concept that is being taught to them. Projectors and computer presentations improve the level of comprehension within the students, say goodbye to chalks and markers.

Technology helps teachers track students’ progress.

Teachers today agree that technology has helped them reinforce their classes. Student engagement has become more comfortable with the growing platforms and tools available to them. Today, teachers rely on online tools like My Students Progress that enables them to keep track of individual achievement of every student. Teachers are eager to use the technologies in their classrooms. Gone are the days for old diaries and student notes.

Technology provides instant access to technology at any time.

This is the most apparent benefit of technology. Technology integration makes everything simple and straightforward. The internet provides instant answers and information to students at their disposal. No more spending time in the library looking for information or doing some research. Google is one essential tool that students have become familiar with finding answers for their papers or essays. Students can now easily access essential newspaper articles and any content they need.

Technology trends towards Blended Online Learning.

Blended online learning offers several benefits with it like cost reduction for school. Blended online use e-textbooks and other online materials to allow students to have limited instant access to learning material. It also supports online submission of assignments and research papers. Students have come to enjoy the benefits of blending both online reading and in-class experience.

Technology encourages collaboration.

Online tools are an effective way to encourage and increase collaboration between students. Those who do not get the opportunity to listen either during group tasks, project assignments. Online tools and apps provide a unique setting and platform where all students are engaged in learning activity. Students can work from home and still form teams and connect via the Internet, and each person participates.

Technology encourages and improves individual learning.

Technology tools such as tablets, learning apps, and websites provide opportunities that make learning useful to every student. Students can access the internet and information that is confusing for them at their own pace. This gives them an opportunity to have a wide range of resources and conduct research on their own which subsequently increases engagement.

Students can learn various life skills from technology.

Through various platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram students, and teachers can also learn more and spend time online for a useful purpose. They can develop essential skills like solving complex problems, improving productivity, leadership skills and practical skills that are essential for the future. Creating presentations, maintaining online etiquette and writing proper emails are the necessary skills that develop in the classroom through the use of technology.


There are numerous importance of technology in the education system. If students, teachers, and parents are convinced then implementing technology will improve the learning experience for students. Although the cost of technology is high. Too successfully apply technology into our education system will significantly be worth it. Students that have already been interested and engaged in using techniques have amazing


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