How to Motivate and Engage Students in Learning

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tutorpace-blogLots of academic institutions and educators work to motivate students not only to improve the test scores but intend to retain students in the same institution. There is not a single theory that increases student’s motivation. It is the strategy laid down for the students to create a desire to learn the topic with interest, enjoyment, and self-fulfillment and thus achieve mastery in the subject.

Here are the strategies implemented by several academic institutions which showed great results:

  • Make classroom live with learning activities that connect the subject with student’s culture, interest, social lives and current happenings and events.
  • Offer choices and options to the students when they feel monotonous learning. Let them have their own voice by allowing them to choose a lab partner or selecting alternative assignments.
  • Be supportive by encouraging the students by listening to their questions and showing empathy being responsive to them.
  • Create challenges for students to master the subject. Give small opportunities where they discover the fact of having capabilities to succeed. Especially this works well with students who lack confidence.
  • Balance the challenge for students to maintain the zeal and expectations from the online tutor. Too easy task may create boredom communicating a message of low expectation where the tutor is unaware of a student’s capabilities. Difficult task may create anxiety in the student.
  • Help to develop strategy for students who are struggling with poor academic scores resulting in lack of confidence. Make them learn about how to learn.
  • Spend some time to discuss and review what was learned and how the student will undergo more practice. Develop and achieve short-term goals to come closer to develop long term goals.
  • Online tutoring serves the best keeping students engaged and highly motivated with strategic planning.

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