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How To Make Learning Productive Through SQ3R Method

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Learning is a process which is governed by certain proven methods. Reading and writing are the starting point of learning any subject and they can be developed at their best through certain methods like SQ3R. This method talks about reading methods that take one in the road to success in understanding a text.

Any student needs to read his text chapter wise and grasp the content given therein. But many fail in this attempt due to lack of knowledge about the way it should be done. SQ3R proves as the best method for effective reading and understanding of subject content.

SQ3R is the abbreviation for Survey, Question, Reading, Reciting / Recalling and Reviewing. It was introduced by Francis Pleasant Robinson in his book ‘Effective Study’. It forms a progressive sequence of reading and yields beneficial learning effects for a student in the end. Let us see them in detail.

Survey for SQ3R

As the term indicates, surveying a book before reading is good for you to have a glimpse of its content. Read the headings, sub headings and titles of the chapters and come to a conclusion about the key points that are going to be discussed in the text.

Questions on SQ3R

When you formulate questions about the titles and sub headings in chapters, you are in a position to ask for yourself what the text deals with. You can read the questions at the end of the chapters also to understand what the text tries to convey. By doing all these things, you come to an understanding of the crux of the text. You can have this practice for study guides or notes provided by your instructors as well. You can also write out the questions for your better understanding. Your questions are in a way your doubts about the topics in the text which you can clarify after reading the text.


Now you start reading the text chapter by chapter. A chapter for a day will serve the purpose of good and intense reading. If you cultivate the habit of underlining the important words, concepts and ideas while reading the chapter, it will help when you revise the chapter for tests.


Reciting or recalling is to bring to mind the ideas that are read by you. When you recall the topics read by you, you are able to ascertain how far you remember the points and ideas and whether you need to go back to the chapters for reading once more. It is in a way revising the ideas you have come through reading and getting back to the chapters if necessary. Your knowledge in the subject also gets strengthened through this method.


Review the material you have read by answering the questions you have already raised. Check whether you are able to answer or go back and pick out answers. Make flash cards and table of contents for the points you have learnt and review the learnt material with the use of these sources. Once you are not able to recollect any point, re-read and be thorough with the topic. Find out whether you have covered all the important points and have not missed anything.


Learning through proper reading methods is the most effective way to understand the concepts and make a thorough revision for the tests. SQ3R proves to be a beneficial method of learning through reading and is easy to follow. If you contact online English tutors, they teach you more strategies in reading and help you in a thorough grasp of the text and make you gain better scores there by.
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