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How to improve grades when you are under performing?

February 14th, 2017 Admin Math Tutor Online
How to improve grades when you are under performing?

The importance of having good grades throughout the year especially since middle school needs no stressing upon. Good grades lead to a good GPA and improve one’s chances of getting into prestigious colleges. If you are not performing well, there is a dire necessity to improve your grades right away and we have collected a few tips and tricks from teachers and online tutors to help you do so.

#1: Analysis is the key to success

Finding out where you are lacking or what is causing your low GPA is important. Are you consistently doing poorly in all subjects or is one subject pulling your grades down? Similarly, finding out why you are performing poorly in certain subjects when compared to others could help you improve. For instance, if you are missing classes or finding some subjects difficult or having problems with the teacher or not faring well because of lack of practise – whatever the reason, arriving at the root cause of it is important and this is why you should analyse where you are going wrong.

#2: Time management is important

This is true with everything in life and especially important when you are a student. When you are in college, you could be working part time and will find it increasingly difficult if you don’t learn it now! Studies suggest that doing things regularly at the same time is very important. Set aside time for homework and assignments everyday and manage to stick to your schedule. Beat the laziness in you and work diligently every day. In fact, when you study every day, it won’t seem like too much as opposed to when you pile it all up and try to do it in a day or two.

#3: When in doubt, seek help

If you aren’t clear with something, get your teacher’s help. If you still find it difficult, get a friend’s help and if all else fails, hire a personal tutor and get your doubts clarified. Today, online math tutors and science tutors are available round the clock and you can get your doubts clarified as and when you need help without having to pay a bomb! Also, with such tutors, you get personal attention which isn’t very easy to come by in today’s classes.

Staying organized, being disciplined and simply doing your homework and paying attention in classes can help you get back on track! Good Luck!

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