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How to Handle Math ACT Problems Challenge with Ease Using These Tips

August 19th, 2013 Admin Uncategorized
How to Handle  Math ACT Problems Challenge with Ease Using These Tips

Math act problems contain advanced math concepts with straightforward questions. Tackle them in a matter of fact manner with following tips. Your scores will increase.

 Word problems may cause trouble in understanding. Convert the English words into mathematical expressions. You find a way out to solve the problem in Act Mathematics.

 Suppose you come across wrong answer choices in the multiple choice questions and you get confused to choose the right one- pick out one by one and eliminate. You could eliminate 3 and find a tug of war between the remaining two, don’t bother. Eliminate the one you feel wrong at once. After all, there is no negative marking. It is only a blank answer that will not carry points for you

 A challenging question with a lot of words, lengthy calculations- you feel flabbergasted. Leave it. Pass. You can come back, after sometime. Even if you leave, no problem.

 Stuck up with a problem? You can pass. Or start writing down the problem. It gives a clear picture of what the problem wants from you. At least some clues to it.

 Same way, you can use charts or draw to figure out a problem, when you don’t understand what it means-you get a picture of some values or ways to do the problem by doing this

 If one approach to a question is wrong, be flexible. You may opt for some other and try at random. If it clicks, o.kay. Or leave it. Not much of a problem, as you are not going to lose anything

 Even if you do not know the answer for a problem, try a wild guess. As I tell you, blank answers will not get you marks

 If an algebra question tantalizes you, try the answers for variables in multi choice questions. Mostly, you may prove right

In general, one tip- be conscious of your time. Whatever challenges you come across in doing act math problems, don’t spend more than a minute for a problem. Take revolution prep to improve your scores.

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