How to Easily Increase Your SAT and ACT Scores

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tutorpace-blogSAT and ACT are not easy sittings. You can do your best, if you try these secret techniques.

For ACT:

  • Act English Grammar wants you to correct the errors. Don’t worry. You need not be the versatile grammarian to choose the correct ones. Whichever seems funny and doesn’t make sense, you choose and answer. You are almost right
  •  Act math has a lot of word problems. Translate the Math word problems from English to mathematical expressions. They become easy for you to understand
  • Underline the main ideas, details, inferential information in the Reading Comprehension passage. You understand the links and essence of the passage well
  • Read the paragraphs of the Science passages quickly. Read the questions, understand what they want, go back to the passage and find out the answers
  • Some answers lure you to get wrong. They are mostly choice ‘A’. Don’t rush to answer. Mostly you go wrong. Think a bit and answer
  • These tests are standardized ones. If you are aware of the rules before hand, your time is saved
  • Prepare your weak areas well , not to feel shattered in the exam hall
For SAT:
  • Practice is the key to success in sat. Not just practice, but do it the same way as how to take your sat test. You take the practice test the same way of the real one with set time and serious temperament
  • Vocabulary strength is a must for good score in SAT. Practice a sat word for a day. Learn it and use it in the day’s conversation
  • Sat  essays are general topics that you can store related examples and incidents in your mind before hand to set forth your arguments without breaking your head
  • Don’t fix a date in the last minute. Take adequate time to prepare
  • Keep your health in good condition to be ready for the test

Prep for prep test is a good method to motivate all groups of students towards learning goals and academic pursuits.

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