AP Calculus Problems

How To Crack AP Calculus Problems And Score Top Marks?

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AP exams are always exacting and papers like calculus and physics are especially challenging and students have to give these exams extra time and effort to succeed. If you are preparing for your AP calculus exams, here are a few tips to help you ace the exams and score top marks; read on to learn more!

1) Write down all the steps clearly

You will be graded on how you arrive at the solution for calculus and the person grading your paper would very much like to see and gauge your thought process. When you write down the steps, you are showcasing your know-how of the area that the problem focuses on. Most teachers and online math tutors recommend that you work out in detail and present your solution to the problem to score top marks in the paper.

2) If you don’t know to complete a calculus problem, don’t skip attempting it

Partial credits are awarded to problems that are left unsolved. Try your best to solve the problem (keeping time in mind of course!) and write down your working of it to earn partial credit. This will help in improving your grades.

3) Even if you are using a calculator, write things down

Writing down equations and intermediate steps are important for full credit. Remember this during exams. One useful way to practise this is while doing your homework. If you write down every step in detail while solving a problem in calculus, it could turn out to be the best math homework help and also enable you to score higher in your AP exams!

4) Knowing when to round off answer is important

Always wait until the final step to round off while solving problems. Since you will be working with a calculator, you will have the capability to store decimals and round them off at the last step. Do this to ensure full credit.

5) Read the question twice to see if you have answered what has been asked

Sometimes, you may have solved for something and stopped right there considering it to be the answer while the question may expect you to delve further and arrive at something else. It is wise to read the question more than once understand what it is that you have to find out and then work on the problem.

6) Incorrect answers don’t attract minus points, use this to your advantage

Since 2011, incorrect answers don’t draw a penalty and you could use this to your advantage. Know when to guess and if you run out of time, guess intelligently. You would need to practise timed tests before hand to become good at guessing and eliminating wrong choices. Make sure that you integrate this into your study routine.

7) Some questions test your understanding, learn how to deal with calculus problems

If you are asked to justify your answer, you should learn to showcase your understanding and demonstrate that you understand the concept well. While working out assignments and homework problems, ensure that you write down all the pertinent steps. For example, in case you are working on say the point of inflection, demonstrating that you do understand that a sign change must occur for the second derivative will help you justify the case in point. Practising all these while working out assignments could prove to be very beneficial and can turn out to be the best math assignment help there is!


Cracking AP calculus is easy and very much possible if you are diligent and meticulous in your preparation. The above tips are sure to help you earn full credit for the problems you do work out on the paper and will help you with your preparation for the AP exams.


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