How online discussion boards and online forum help students academically

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tutorpace-blogOnline discussion board and online forum is primarily an asynchronous environment of online tutoring.  Typically, it offers a platform that helps to get answers to the question by giving some careful thought that you value in current practice. It offers a platform for students to work with peer sharing their knowledge, asking their queries and doubts on any academic topic and seek answers to the questions posted by them or by the peer students.

However, the question how and what would be the effects on student’s learning and which students will benefit the most out of these.

Participation in online discussion and forums has potential for dialogue and interactivity which gives student’s chance to share their knowledge or give their opinion on any matter. It promotes group activities irrespective of distances.

Asynchronous tutoring with forum and discussion is good at times when students submit their work and wish that their tutors evaluate and give their comments on their work. It requires flexibility of time and location for students to put their work online and for tutors to evaluate submitted work and give their comments. It helps students and tutors to work on activities that run in parallel.

Often, reputed online tutoring services makes participation in forum and discussion board compulsory for students where tutors can regularly track their regular study time apart from tutoring and routine homework. The tutor can log on and catch the student who is not get-in for day or two.

Discussion board and forum posting is often proved useful for tutors and students both. Online tutors can post assignments, practice work, worksheets on this electronic communication medium. The students can log on and workout on the same and drop solutions to the given assignments. It not only fastens up the learning process but allows interacting with peers and the way they attempt to work on assignments.

Asynchronous media like forum and discussion board fulfill the expectation of face-to-face interaction in terms of affective contribution, interactivity, flexibility and finally attaining the focus of the groups.

Thanks to online tutoring which have geared up this platform as a new avenue for tuition!

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