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How can distance education improve the quality of instruction

May 21st, 2013 Admin Best Online Tutoring
How can distance education improve the quality of instruction

The quality of instruction that drive students towards academic achievement throughout their developing years is primary factor not only for student, parent but for our entire society. Today, distance education offer highly qualified tutors and high quality standards of educational resources to the learning communities with the ability to access these resources from all across the world.

Online tutoring websites attract lot of tutors who are qualified and expert in their subjects and have left out their profession for any of the reasons. It have observed that not all teachers prefer to work full-day in the unique online environment of distance teaching but the school teaching that blends face-to-face tutoring extended providing individualized academic assistance has been point of attraction for many tutors. The reputed and best online learning websites have employed qualified and experienced tutors who have state certification in their subjects. Even lots of online tutors having high level of subject knowledge and pedagogic expertise love to participate in comprehensive professional development of the students through online tutoring.

The tutors engaged in distance education practice variety of pedagogic like collaborative learning, student-centered approach, independent study and research and student discussion. Effective distance learning develop skills like communicating frequently and supportively with students, organizing study material and content in clear and detailed way. They work towards transforming their improved knowledge and skills in all possible ways that increases the students’ academic success.

The tutors who take online courses are likely to have higher technological skills those traditional classroom teachers. Online tutors utilize technology to prepare their students with essentially rich array of communication skills to prepare them to face challenges of technological efficient workforce of tomorrow.

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