How Calculus Teachers Can Plan And Conduct Tutoring Sessions Successfully

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Calculus is a tough branch of Math testing one’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. At the same time, it has been a great mathematical breakthrough from the time of the ancient Greeks. Without Calculus, we would not have got today’s space flights, jet places, sky scrapers, economic modeling and other such great things.

Teaching this is a great task for Math teachers and it involves lots of mental drill and demands hard work from students. Without proper planning of their classes, teachers and tutors would find it hard to make their sessions successful and productive. Here are some tips for tutors and teachers to make their Calculus classes successful, interesting and constructive.

Incorporate step by step analysis for introducing a problem and for examining the underlying concept in it

Introducing Calculus concepts is tough and complex and the tutors need to see to it that students do not get confused over Calculus problems that are founded on subject concepts. They can start with real life examples for a concept, go ahead with explaining the concept through a problem, analyze it step by step and make students understand the concept well by sample problems. It is a known factor that Calculus is replete with problems and the problems vary in their difficulty levels. Online Calculus tutors use white board as an effective tool for explaining Calculus problems through step by step analysis.

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Introducing flash cards for making students learn formulas

Students cannot help memorizing Calculus formulas and tutors need to find out ways to make this process an easy one for students. Or else it becomes an unending process and students get confused over remembering the formulas. Calculus tutors can make small flashcards for formulas and help students learn the formulas through these flash cards. They need to prepare flash cards beforehand while introducing the formulas and help students learn them with ease.

Assigning different calculus problems for reviewing students’ problem solving skills

Calculus needs lots of practice and tutors need to make their students improve their problem solving skills via practice of different problems. When they can introduce a set of problems in the middle of the class after explaining the concept, they can assign problems of various categories in the end of the class. They need to discuss these homework problems on the next day for reviewing students’ problem solving skills. If the tutors choose problems that pertain to the knowledge obtained by students in the previous classes, they can assess student performances through their homework and help them in their difficult areas of learning.

Using calculus resources like graphing calculator

Tutors can make use of tools like graphing calculator in their classes to minimize student struggles. At the same time, they should teach students how far these tools are useful and in what situations they should use them. Making use of interactive lesson plans with online apps and games reduces the stress in teaching intricate Calculus topics and sets the right tone of learning for students.

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It is true that Calculus is mind boggling and intriguing to many students. With prior planning and good start up activities, teachers and tutors can make their classes interesting and unique. Online Calculus tutors are of the best sort in this matter with their one on one sessions where they have scope for reading the minds of students and catering to their educational needs accordingly.

When students chat with live tutor online, they are able to interact with the tutor and seek solutions for their learning problems in Calculus. Thus making Calculus struggle free is in the hands of the tutors who teach the subject.

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