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Hit Top Marks in Exam with These 10 Killer Tips

November 14th, 2016 Admin Online Tutor
Hit Top Marks in Exam with These 10 Killer Tips

Exams are nightmares for many students and many panic on the exam day so as to score poor marks. Despite your hard work, you may not secure top marks that will make you wow with happiness. Your dreams about higher studies and attractive career may remain unaccomplished.

Follow these 10 tips to avoid anxiety in the exam hall and do your best to hit top marks in your exams.

1. Concentration is the essence of success

Don’t lose your concentration when you are sitting in the exam hall. You are there to attend your exam and come out successful. Other things are of no significance. So, concentrate on your question paper, choose the questions you know well and write on time to complete on time. Don’t divert your attention and the success is yours.

2. Impress through handwriting

First impression is the best impression. Your handwriting attracts the eyes of the examiner before anything else. Write neatly and legibly and do not strike out answers very often. Your first page should be very neat to impress the reader to the maximum that he is going to award excellent grades to your paper.

3. Precise answers to the point

Verbiage and circumlocutory answers do not fetch marks. You should hit the nail on the head when you answer a question. Write to the point and score well. Quality instead of quantity matters in writing exams. It is easy for the examiner to grade your answers as he gets what he wants at the first glance.

4. Presentation is the soul of answering

Neat presentation with highlighting, underlining, writing point wise with numbers makes your job easy. You present the matter in a clear and doubtless manner and the examiner understands your message for sure.

5. Flawless language is essential

Despite your presentation and neat handwriting, if your language is faulty, you will lose marks as it irritates any reader. Practice to write error free language so that you do not leave room for   less marks.

6. Using paragraphs for long answers

When you write long answers, split the ideas into paragraphs so that you make an impressive presentation with good coordination of ideas. Every paragraph should contain three to four points and if there is an association of ideas, you can link them in a paragraph to make your viewpoint clear.

7. Write exactly what you need to write

Suppose a question demands a lengthy answer, write it out. If it is a short question, cut short the answer and present point wise.

8. Illustrate your answers with diagrams

Wherever it is possible, add flowcharts and diagrams to illustrate answers. Make your diagram neat and not shabby. Your answers become impressive and gain more marks.

9. Check your answers

Checking the answers before submitting the paper is necessary for assured marks.You might have missed one question or answered wrongly. So, check and recheck your answers before submitting the paper.

10. Write all answers

Allot time for each question. Do not take much time for short questions nor do you miss points for a long question. Make sure you have time to answer all questions.

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