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Critical Guide For Parents In Coding For Their Computer Science Students

November 14th, 2017 Admin Education
Critical Guide For Parents In Coding For Their Computer Science Students

Guide for online Computer Science Tutor.Coding or also identified as computer programming has become a significant topic of discussion in the homeschooling community. Home school parents can find ‘teaching coding’ somewhat challenging, especially those having engineering backgrounds. Many options are available for consideration, and many vital decisions are to be made related to academic approach, curricula, and selection of programming language.

Why teach coding?

One can teach coding to the home school students by the age of 5. The United States will alone have approximately 1 million computer programming positions that will be unfilled by 2020. The online Computer Science Tutor can aid in recommending proper advice to teach K-12 computer science. We have mentioned few of the important homeschooling coding tips that will help in running a flourished Kids Coding Academy.
Tip 1# Make the coding curriculum fun: The number one rule to follow is to make the curriculum fun while teaching computer science to the children. The curricula shouldn’t be kept too academic and strict. In fact, one should focus on those project-based courses that have to be fun-filled and it matches the interests of children. With the help of best computer science tutor, the home school parents can build apps and video games to teach coding concepts and make it more interesting. Robotics can be added to the curriculum which is another fun way to learn about coding.

Tip 2# Select one language and stick to it: Parents are advised to make their kids learn one language perfectly and achieve better skills, instead of getting confused learning many languages. When you have known that one language finely, it is effortless to select the conventions and syntax of other distinct languages. Thus, in this way, the students can be clear about the coding concepts.

If students are keen to establish websites, then the online computer science tutor can make them reflect on HTML and CSS, and those keen to build apps can consider learning a language ‘JavaScript’. Teaching Java will be an introductory language for the kids as they can focus on Java codes more carefully. They can even get inspired to be trained on complex concepts like loops, conditional, methods, and Booleans. Java is also the trendy language of Computer Science AP Exam. JavaScript is a favorite language of most students.

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Students can also learn another common language ‘Python’ at the university level. It is a scripting language which is very easy to grasp by the students. Python is applied to create Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. Students can also use Python to establish a website applying ‘Django’, a trendy web structure.

Tip 3# Enroll students in online or local classes: Parents can give one-on-one tutoring for their children from the computer science tutor. It would be a great way to learn, though it may be costly, but if they can afford it, then good for their kids. If parents want to spend less money, they can send their kids to group classes and online course providers with real engineers who will guide you live. The excellent online courses and academies will cover good lesson plans that fabricate on concepts such as Variables, Conditionals, Methods, Boolean’s, etc.

Tip 4# Search for a mentor: Many of the engineers prefer to mentor students online or in-person. The children can interact with these engineers about coding details and clear their doubts. They can even go for video conferencing or Skype calls with engineers for getting brilliant solutions.

Tip 5# Join a home school coding club: It would be pretty exciting if the kids would join any nearby home school coding club. Students can also look out for a like-minded group of goers where they can have group class with computer science tutor or at the coding academy. Parents should tell their children to join with the other students of their same age only; otherwise, they may tend to get bored.

Therefore, the home school parents can take assistance from well-known TutorPace who can guide in giving the best coding tips which will help them further in polishing their coding curricula.

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