Give Your Child A Healthier Drive To Learn- Go For Online Tutoring

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tutorpace-blogThe importance of online tutoring is the personalized attention a student receives. Sessions are planned to fit the interests and learning styles of every student. This practice is not possible in a classroom setup. The methods followed in all classroom tutorials are fairly identical, but it has been proven that there are a number of distinctive learning styles which enable some students to learn better.

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In an internet tutoring session, the online tutors and students share a one-to-one environment. This helps the tutors to identify a particular student’s preferred ‘learning style’. Mention may be made of  five distinguishable learning styles; The ‘visual’ or ‘spatial’ style, The ‘Verbal’ style, The ‘Kinesthetic’ style The ‘Logical’, ‘Tactile’ or ‘Mathematical’ style and The ‘Aural’ (auditory, rhythmic) style.

Significance of Online tutoring sessions:

  • Boost motivation to learn
  • Enhances ability to manage study strategies
  • Increases related general knowledge
  • Builds a dependable tutor-student relation
  • Increases subject specific knowledge
  • Enhances understanding of subject areas
  • Improves attitude toward a specific subject
  • Gradually builds self-confidence in students

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